Rima Poceviciene

Flamenco Haute Couture

The Lithuanian designer Rima Poceviciene, with more than 25 years of experience, arrived in Spain in 2000 fascinated by the beauty of flamenco dress.
In love with this unique fashion, Rima decided to contribute her

mixed point of view between her origins and the Andalusian costume. His impeccable career was recognized in 2016 with the Golden Thimble award. Mixing different textures, colours and styles, the firm creates exclusive designs.


C/ Rector Martín Villa, 40-b
21730 Almonte, Huelva

+34 607931440


Calle Cuna, 31 6,
41004 Sevilla

+34 955220828

Designing flamenco dresses
is like painting a picture

With extensive experience in the world of fashion in Lithuania, his country of origin, he worked for major Russian, French and Italian companies. Rima Poceviciene arrived in 2000 in the South of Spain where she soon fell in love with our regional costume. Atelier Rima, the firm he created at the time, focuses on the design of wedding, party and flamenco costume stitching.

His flamenco costumes always show the meticulousness of craftsmanship, the different and slow management of time. Features, in short, that illustrate that way of life in the country of origin of Rima, Lithuania, and that are printed on dresses distinguished by their craftsmanship.

Rima creates collections inspired by creatures that are between fantasy and reality. They are born and become beautiful Flemish muses.